SSP: £999.99
Part No: A-BH115
Black Horse Grunau Baby ARTF

If you thought ARTF gliders were getting bigger, this is one to re-define that perception, all 6 metres (19.67 ft) of it! This one is modelled on the Mk2.

Based on probably the most iconic glider ever, the original Grunau Baby was conceived in Germany in the 1930s to provide pilot training to youngsters that would later provide the backbone of Luftwaffe in WWII. The Versailles treaty at the end of WWI forbade Germany from making powered military aircraft, so ways were found to train pilots without breaking the treaty. The Grunau Baby was a masterpiece of glider design and is revered to this day as a breakthrough in performance that took many years to better. In fact, British glider manufacturer Slingsby licensed the design after the war and adapted it to become the 'Prefect'. The ATC operated this into the 1980s!

Just like the original, the Black Horse Grunau Baby is made completely of wood (balsa and plywood) with metal parts added for strength and ease of disassembly. The wing for instance breaks down into four parts and the tail surfaces are removable as well. Unlike the original, all the wooden parts are CNC designed and then Laser cut. Assembly is by skilled workers using special jigs to assure everything is aligned. All flying surfaces are factory jigged using an incidence meter to ensure the correct angles in each model.

Covering is by ultra-durable Oratex in a beautiful 'period' red and cream colour scheme based on images that survive from the time and a surviving aircraft in a museum.

Launching can be by aerotow (recommended) or winch. A tough release mechanism is provided in the scale position.

In the air she is serene and joy to behold. Controls are crisp and responsive, making scale aerobatics possible. Landing requires some planning because of the size but holds no nasty surprises. The Grunau Baby is an awesome model that is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere!!

Wingspan: 6000mm (236.22")
Length: 2740mm (107.87")
Weight: 16.6 Kg (36.6 Lb)
Servos: 8x High Torque
Radio System: 6-7 Channel (Req.)