SSP: £549.99
Part No: A-BH122
Black Horse Bo-209 Monsun 33cc ARTF

Bigger brother to the sports size Monsun in the Black Horse range, this one is designed for 26-35cc petrol engines such as the OS GT33.

At 86.6in span, this Monsun is big one! All the detail is there to make her scale, including flaps and an oleo sprong nose leg plus glass fibre spats.

Construction is the regular, CNC-cut balsa and ply parts assembled on factory jigs by skilled Black Horse workers. The design has all the strength where you need it and weight saving design where you don't.

With her low wing loading and forgiving wing planform, she is a relaxing model to fly with no hidden vices. Take-offs and landings can be accomplished within a very small space making small field operation very feasible.

• Covered with high-quality Oracover film
• Lightweight CNC construction
• Factory painted fiberglass cowl
• Functional flaps
• Hand-painted pilots
• Oleo strut nose leg
• Dismantles for compact storage and easy transport
Wingspan 2,200mm (86.61")
Length 1,640mm (64.57")
Weight 6.5 kg (14.3lb)
Servos 9 (Req.)
Radio System 8 Channels (Req.)
Petrol Engine 26 - 35cc (Req.)

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