SSP: £379.99
Part No: A-BH156
Black Horse PZL-104 Wilga 61 ARTF

After the success of the original, larger Black Horse Wilga, it was only a matter of time before Black Horse brought out a more compact version of this classic Wilga 35A based glider tug! From that lovely radial engine style cowl to high lift wing design, the Wilga is true to her STOL heritage.

Just because she is smaller, Black Horse have still gone to town to keep original design features like the trailing link undercarriage, so characteristic of the Wilga. Although a little simpler in surface detail, there are still operating flaps to play with and she dis-mantles for easy transport when required.

The Wilga is well suited to a 61 2-stroke, 91 4-Stroke or even electric power. All can be accommodated in the design, you just chose when assembling. Then, you just need a 7 channel radio to exploit all the features!
ESC 80A (Req.)
Wingspan 1720mm
Length 1320mm
Weight 3.9kg
Servos 7 (Req.)
Radio System 5 Channels (Req.)
Wing Area 41dm2
Petrol Engine 15cc
IC Engine .61 2 Stroke
LiPo 6S 4000-5000mAh (Rec.)

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