SSP: £1099.99
Part No: A-BH176
Black Horse Edge 540V3 30-35cc ARTF

Black Horse has a long history with the Edge 540 V3 and this is their latest design of the iconic aerobat. With a 2 metre wingspan (almost 79"), this model is perfect for petrol engines in the popular 30 - 35cc class.

With an accurate and well thought-out CAD designed balsa and plywood structure, the Edge 540 V3 has strength where needed, but without adding unecessary weight where it isn't required. The result is a light, strong structure that gives the model a sparkling performance.

The two part wing is constructed from laser cut balsa and ply parts then part-sheeted in balsa before being covered in Oracover film. Wing joining is taken care of with an aluminium tube with front and rear locating pegs. A single servo with short, direct linkage is used for each aileron.

The fuselage is constructed from many interlocking lightened parts to form a strong, semi-monocoque structure. Twin elevator servos are mounted at the rear with short, slop-free heavy-duty linkages with the rudder being operated by closed loop.

A huge, pre-painted glass-fibre cowl and spats are also supplied to keep the build time to a minimum.

Transportation is easy due to the removeable wings and tailplane halves, making this a practical everyday model that will fit in all but the smallest cars. As you would expect, the flight performance is simply amazing,
Aerofoil NACA
Wingspan 2,000mm (78.74")
Length 1,850mm (72.83")
Weight 5.6kg (12.34 lbs)
Servos 6 Standard High Torque (42 x 21mm) (Req.)
Radio System 6+ Channels (Req.)
Wing Area 75.76 dm2
Wing Loading 73.91 g/dm2
Petrol Engine 30 - 35cc 2-Stroke (Req.)
Carton Size 1455 x590 x375mm - 10.5Kg gross weight

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