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SSP: £799.99
Part No: A-BJ003-S
Ripmax Boomerang Elan (Sport)

The Boomerang Elan is an attractive and capable sport jet. The large control surfaces give superb aerobatic performance yet the low wing loading means the Elan excels at low speeds too. Deploy the large flaps and the Elan slows down dramatically making it ideal for use off grass fields. The fuselage is fibreglass and the booms, wings and tailplanes are built from balsa/ply. The Elan fits a 60-100N turbine and access to the electronics and tank is easily through the large hatch in the top of the fuselage. The Elan is perfect for a newcomer to jets or a seasoned pilot looking for an 'all around' sports model.

• Fibreglass fuselage & booms
• Precision built wooden wings and tail

• Effective flaps for improved slow speed performance
• Suitable for grass fields
• Multiple colour schemes available
• Disassembles for easy transport
• Wide flight performance envelope

Fuel tank not supplied

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