SSP: £249.99
Part No: A-CF030
Ripmax Acro Wot Mk2 Foam-E ARTF

With the phenomenal success of the WOT 4 Foam-e, it was only going to be a matter of time before the classic Acro WOT was introduced to the range. And it was worth the wait!

Unmistakably an Acro WOT, the new Foam-e version has been designed by Chris Foss to make the best of 3 cell 2100~2500mAh Li-Pos. Supplied with factory fitted servos, powerful brushless motor and speed controller and ready for your own transmitter and receiver.

ESC Notice (Early Models)
Wingspan 1250mm (49.0”)
Length 1015mm (40.0”)
Servos 4x 9g Servos (Inc.)
Radio System 4-5 Channel
Electric Motor Brushless (Inc.)

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