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SSP: £84.99
Part No: A-U841-B
UDI U841 Nano RX4 with Video Camera (Black)

The U841 is UDI’s most versatile quadcopter to date because it can be built into 4 different configurations. Firstly there is a ‘minimal’ setup with no accessories, this gives you the optimum flying performance and least weight. Then you can add the guards to that for added protection as you get used to it or for flying indoors. Then there is a ‘car’ setup, this has 4 wheels and allows you to drive the quadcopter along the floor. Finally, there is ‘big wheel’ mode designed to enable you to climb walls or run along the roof and give the most protection.

The included camera records at 1280 x 720px at 30 frames per second allowing you to capture your flights to the included MicroSD memory card.

As you would expect from UDI it has 6-axis stabilisation and comes prebuilt in the box, all you need to do is add 6 ‘AA’ batteries to the Tx and charge the Li-Po using the included charger.

• 4 Different Flight Combinations!
• 2.4Ghz Radio Included
• No Assembly Required!
• Onboard Video Camera
• LED Lights
• Six-Axis Gyro
Camera 1280 x 720px @ 30Fps (Inc.)
Height 60mm (Car Mode)
Length 175mm (Car Mode)
Width 140mm (Car Mode)
Weight 50g (Car Mode)
Radio System 4 Channel 2.4GHz (Inc.)
Charger USB (Included)
Electric Motor 4 x Brushed (Inc.)
LiPo 1S 3.7v 450mAh (Inc.)
Gyro 6-Axis (Inc.)

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