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SSP: £529.99
Part No: C-DHK8381R
DHK Optimus XL 4WD EP ARTR Buggy

Serious nitro, competition performance without the mess and noise, that's what the Optimus XL is all about! What's more, it's just about ready to run out of the box. All you need to add is a charger and some transmitter batteries.

The word 'Ballistic' hardly seems adequate where the Optimus XL is concerned. The power available requires you to refine your throttle control and treat her with respect. Be prepared to re-calibrate your brain for a whole new level of performance.

The high power, brushless, inrunner motor coupled to a durable 80A, fan-cooled ESC extracts maximum performance and fun from the included 2 x 2S cell 2600mAh Li-Po batteris wired into 4S. Enough to give event the most serious .21 nitro engine a run for its money! Keeping the motor cool is handled by the fully-finned, CNC-machined motor mount. An optional fan is also available if you operate on really hot days.

But power isn't everything. You need to transmit that power into the ground and this is where the Optimus scores yet again. You have 4WD through 3 differentials, metal gears in the differentials and metal drive shafts. The front hub carriers are aluminium for low unsprung weight and durability.Needless tio say, everything is fully ballraced for long life and minimum power loss. Grip is transmitted via full-dish wheels and mini-spike tyres. A tread pattern that works well on grass and dirt alike. The wheel style is both strong and practical. By shielding the hubs, dirt is kept away from the universal joints and bearings.

The anodised, T6 3mm aluminium chassis has all the screws recessed to limit damage to the heads and the side protection plates for the radio are moulded in tough plastic to resist knocks over and over. The top spine again uses anodised aluminium and creates a really strong structure to resist bending in jumps and rough off-road driving.

Suspension is courtesy of snazzy, anodised, 16mm, oil-filled, metal shocks plus anti-roll bars both front and rear. Camber and toe-in can be adjusted on the front and camber only on the back. Shocks mount on the tough, anodised, aluminium shock towers and have optional mounting positions top and bottom.

The aerodynamic rear spoiler is moulded in super-strong, flexible plastic to absorb those 'roll-overs' and come back for more. The same is true for the front bumper. Even the body has good impact resisitance, thanks to the flexible, clear plastic chosen.

The radio is a fully computerised, 2.4GHz FHSS system. The transmitter has a full LCD display for programming. A really unusual standard feature for a car of this class. The steering servo offers 9Kg/cm of torque through metal gears and ballraces. Just about as tough as it comes!! Of course, there's a servo saver in the steering to absorb those unexpected shocks to the servo as well.

No charger is included but Ripmax recommends the Sigma EQ Mini as a good choice. All you need beyond that are 8 AA size transmitter batteries. They can be Nimh re-chargeable or dry cell type. If you use Nimh cells, you will need to obtain a suitable charger for them, although the Sigma EQ Mini can do that as well.
Height 171mm
Length 493mm
Width 307mm
Weight 3050g (w/o radio)
Servos 1 x 9Kg, metal-geared, ballraced (Inc)
Radio System 3ch 2.4Ghz Computer Type (Inc)
Charger Not included
Gear Ratio 10.68:1
Ground Clearance 34mm
Wheel Base 330mm
Front Track 260mm
Rear Track 265mm
LiPo 14.4v (2 x 2S) 2600mAh 20C (Inc)
Electric Motor 2260Kv 14.4v Brushless Inrunner (Inc)
Speed Controller 80A Brushless, fan-cooled (Inc)

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