SSP: £184.99
Part No: L-OS13100
OS Engine MAX 35AX w/E-3080 Silencer

Designed specifically for light weight and high power output from a compact crankcase, the Max 35AX is an ideal engine for 'Fun Fly' and 3D flying.

The new crankcase follows the theme of all the new AX range and the 35AX will fit exactly where the old 32SX did without modification.

The new E-3080 muffler is highly effective and features a sealing O-ring between the two main sections. As you would expect, the silencer outlet can be rotated to and desired position.
With only 10g more than the old Max 32SX, the 35AX has very little weight penalty for it's substantial power increase.
Weight 280g (9.88oz)
Capacity 5.77cc (
Propeller Range 10 x 6, 10 x 7, 11 x 5, 11 x 6,
Bore 20.2mm (0.795in)
Stroke 18.0mm (0.709in)
Power Output 0.9PS @ 11,000rpm
Practical RPM 2,500 - 13,000

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