SSP: £39.99
Part No: P-ACT554007
ACT Safety Switch System 10A

With the demands that modern high power, high torque servos put on the rest of the airborne pack, it's a surprising fact that the typical R/C switch harness has remained unchanged. Many are unable to withstand the rigours of today's requirements and it is this reason that the switch can fail. Mechanical wear and tear, vibration and fuel contact can lead to such a failure. The wire diameter in a typical switch harness is often too small. The Safety Switch System removes these problems. A key switch is pressed for on, the electronics turn on, then the keypad is disabled. The electronics remain switched on for approximately 2 minutes - even if there is a temporary interruption in the power supply. To switch off, the OFF keyswitch is pressed.

P-ACT554007 - 10A

Uses high power connectors on the battery side and split connectors to the receiver to share the power handling.

An additional lead replaces the lost receiver channel.

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