SSP: £74.99
Part No: P-GYD450
Futaba GYD450 - Drift Car Gyro (AVCS)

The GYD450 is a dedicated drift gyro for drift racing enthusiasts. It has two modes to suit different drivers and different driving styles. Installation is easy requiring only two leads (included) and all steps are covered in the pocket sized instruction manual If your transmitter has 3 or more channels (and is capable of 3 channel adjustment) then the gyro sensitivity can be adjusted from the transmitter to fine tune it in use. Add one to your car today and you will be drifting like a gymkhana pro in no time!

Normal Gyro Mode
This mode works like a normal steering gyro, reacting to small changes of angle and correcting the steering servo accordingly. This mode works great on non-drifting cars but is also suitable for use on drift cars in the hands of more experienced drivers.

AVCS Mode (Active Angular Velocity Control System)
AVCS mode was developed specifically for drifting and allows unprecedented control whilst drifting at a wide range of speeds. The gyro actively helps to maintain the drift longer using heading hold technology and allows for long controllable slides.

These two modes can give the driver completely a different feel of control so you can choose the one that best suits you and tune the settings further.

• Drifting specific gyro
• T-FHSS SR capable
• Compact design
• Two driving models
• Remote and onboard sensitivity adjustment
• 4.2 - 8.4V operation
• Leads included
• Easy to setup
• LED indicator

Included in the Box:
• GYD450 gyro
• 2 x Futaba extension leads
• Foam mounting pads
• Cable ties
• Printed instructions
• Plastic mini screwdriver

Note: This unit needs to be used with Futaba digital servos only, such as the S9570SV and the BLS571SV.
Mode Normal & AVCS
Operating Temperature -10ºC to +45ºC
Weight 3.7g
Voltage 4.2 - 8.4V DC
Current 30mA (excluding a servo)
Dimensions 20.5 x 20.5 x 11mm

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