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SSP: £19.99
Part No: T-RO-62926
36pc Hobby Knife Set

36pc Hobby Knife Set Includes 70mm tweezers, 75mm blade, 28mm x .0415 slicing blade, 57mm hooked blade, 13mm diamond shaped scraper, 50 x 1mm pick punches. 13mm diameter round scraper. Scalpel sizes: #1, #1, #2, #3, #12, #12, #20, #20, #10, #7, #19, #17, 38 x 6mm saw, 63 x 10mm saw. Gouging tools 1, 2, 3, 4. 82mm long black plastic balsa stripping tool, wooden sanding block, 4 x 107mm aluminium handle with #1 blade. Tapered end. 4 x 107mm. Aluminium handle with 50 x 4mm pick blade. Tapered end. 10mm plastic handle with knurled aluminium grip and 57mm hooked blade, wooden block, 84mm plastic handle block plane
Weight 0.807 kg
Dimensions 4.5 x 30 x 23.5 cm

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